Anti Christ Warning

Anti christ problem for me
The anti christ has a psychic advisor you would think its a paranormal advisor but its not
its a psychiatric advisor that advises the anti christ psychic was in the prophecy because they did not have psychiatric understanding in that time it was prophezised its not a paranormal or a spiritual adviser its a psychiatric advisor
They implant nano 666 in our body with a chip and a kristal and nano in a implant they can alter your body on mostly psychiatric things like voices pain you can not see, smell also feelings that are not real that is what it did the last few years of this time
But now we are in big trouble anti christ works with psychiatry on human species and try to makes us crazy misformed and willing to believe anything they want to let you think its mindcontrol 1000% its not real its artificial but makes you think you are that what they need you to believe
Last few weeks I understand something they made a artificial souls in us all maybe by now because your feeling your iq your  senses your thinking does not come from your body but from your soul it is not from your brain
So what they did is create a artificial soul with artificial intelligence in our body and use that against the real soul you have what they can not trace till now your articial soul copied with your body and brain functions is all used allready to clone your body and artificial soul to computers and if you die in human soul with body your artificial soul is allready copied and they can clone you in other planets universes with aliens that will eat us our artificial bodys will be pooped out by some aliens who eat us there
Only this is what i fear if we become clones or artificial soul with our body will it destroy the real soul memory is shared by sooul and body brain so will we be cloned will we be the soul who is in real our soul maybe they put the articial soul over the real soul and maybe make it so strong that our real soul will be taken over and then we are in a lot of trouble cause then we are food and feel the pain and death everyday of your clone life when they eat and kill us I hope not, but think if they can not use the real soul then we will be free if we die we will not have to worry about pain or eaten alive or death we would be free in heaven and afterlife if there is a heaven…………
If there is a god …….. if there comes a christ to save us
chirst means prophet or messiah it does not mean to second jezus christ but a second prophet who will free us from beeing eat alive or death and over and over again in a alien world
The anti christ kills the prophet, anti prophet it means and the psychiatric advisor uses us for that goal to eat us alive or death in a other world, if they have war in our world ww3 we will be eaten in other worlds by aliens by the second you die and we all be eaten for 1000 years torture and the devil will own us that time, they sold our soul to beasts (aliens) and let us be eaten when we are killed
Allready humans are beeing takenover by artificial souls contrlled by alien computers and they will bring ww3 on us because of they hunger for our flesh and meat
Anti christ is working along with this they implant all people in this world and there are many of us allready implanted like I am too I fight everyday for myself i died many times allready and there are more fighting againt death experiments on us from aliens and our own planet that maybe in control by computers to let us all die at the end and we will be slaves and food 1000 years somewhere else
End of time is really comming I only hope that the real prophet for our world this time is not dead allready because they are searching for him and the anti christ will kill him with his mongol army, mongol is retard so it means we will be killed by a controlled army of artitificial computers or intelligence
Nano is a artificial intellience of it self it can control you and it is selfsteering organism it is a living organism it self without brains they can not think but it has a form of storage on it what can control us by simle standard setting send with radio or some other radiation to our planet and let them copy and control our body and now too the soul so help us god end of time is comming
And maybe they use the artificial soul to clone us
So if they have working with it they already eating us alive and death from the copy or replacement artificial soul and our body it is not you who get eaten but a other human with artificial body and soul is but it feels and scared just like us maybe this is happening now
we should kill the aliens planets and save our world but think if they have already us in clone long time it will take before we can act and you are already eaten alive but a artificial clone it is you but a copy hope not true but I think this is happening now
May god have mercy on our souls