Darkweb or pay per view

Last few years maybe I tried to get the stalkers out of me by ignoring trying to but I have a new conspiracy now

I think I am on some darkweb or pay per view and maybe on a other multiuniverse like a show like the trummann show the movie

There are many people being sold being gambled on darkweb where they gamble us to suicide we are the show there

Its very disturbing they are even putting advertising through my days of hell in my body and soul they hurt me with heavy pain and voices 24/7

they are betting I am going to kill myself soon I think and they have about 20 to 6 hours on me that is 80 people a day I have skills on nano I can hurt people to and it’s all show pay per view and gambling in this or another universe on some darkweb

if you think that too tell me please 80 people getting 25 euro an hour is a lot of money but that is what the voices told me

I’ll look in to it now for a while hope 🙏 not to kill myself but it’s hard