So I did not write anything anymore about nothing cause my website was destroyed

Well I have been in terror with torture last few weeks and maybe I stopped it now

I hope so ……. things are uptied I think about new president trump who might be the new selected anti Christ like I thought Obama was but I was wrong there I think he has no more power

I have the idea that aliens are also torturing people and try to speak our languages if I watch the time it is always on a midday basis or evening our planet spins around so they can be only maybe 12 hours on this side of the world

if I am correct they are west from our world in the universe

I really need money I got 50 euro a week for food and drugs its not enough not funny to live like this but have a roof over my head a laptop internet tv bed and all provided and payed by welfare I don’t even work ……. cause I am schizophrenic but I don’t wanna work either

I am glad I don’t have kids and wife to think about because that would more stressfull and hard for me to live I think. But maybe ……. I would have gotten more love I am single now for atleast 13 years I don’t screw around much but I miss it a woman but not 24/7 maybe 2 or 3 days a week would be nice but first I have to find a woman but with no money nothing expenses I can make I can not go out to a bar and meet woman so its hard

This what I write here is like a letter to myself give me some hope in future maybe ill add a foto with this so any cute lady’s msg me on this or facebook or mail idc just contact me I love it

OK good future I hope 2017 is here