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This 2 websites are about torture mindcontrol from past

Hello A friend of mine msg’d me about this 2 websites that contain not evidence but a sign that it is allready possible that mindcontrol was allready a science then

Joost Merloo

This is about who where in Holland the science for it was used

And the next one is a book he wrote I think on this moment I am reading it

This Is Rape Of Mind

Give me Your story of Mindcontrol I would like it

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Prophets are dying

There are in 7 years 51 prophets killed you think the devil would do it, But no AND NO the god of death and alien species are against us.

Have you ever seen a GOD that helped you NEVER, I am getting irritated tortured insulted and killed everyday. I believe that there where gods but the one in charge of us is not doing anything HE HELPS MY ENEMYS with torturing and taking souls in enemy hands. I think there should be some new gods in this universe because the one on earth DOES NOT DO ANYTHING it let us die and more dead ever before Devil helps beasts not human but like to see us die too. We are going too hell ? or heaven ? or they let us be food elsewhere. God wanted to destroy are human race 6000 years ago allready maybe 12000 years do you remember NOAH I do he always wanted us death

He does not care about you OR ME or about the prophets who needed saving this world. I am tortured but the last 4 years they been putting souls in too nano and use them in computers in torture things the A.I. is in control of goverments and planets who want us too die all. Do you remember how the old prophets said the antichrist was comming and destroy our world prophecy about nuclear war. They where warnings for us but who let us not care and kill us NO ONE our god as you think wants us too die in our cosmos he is worse then the devil for me. He will not be a god no more because a god takes care of his believers followers and people we where warned and soon we shall all die because of the ulliminati and New World Order the god who is the ONLY ONE LEFT WE MUST OBEY because he killed all the others the devil too he is gone out of our galaxy system. I hope there is something that will send forth life as it is LIVING I think the world is doomed allready when you die you never going to be alive again maybe we shall all live in this planet in soul ghosts or demons we shall never be alive again thanks to A GOD who lets us die and give the root of evil by giving us dead.

I never saw A miracle happening in my entire 40 years alive but i seen more dead and evil then anyone ever we all did.

We are not fighting and we can clone your soul maybe and clone your body for sure but we will be slaved and food for other different alien species because the GOD of death is letting us die forever


I WANT TO BE SAVED BY A MESSIAH BUT never seen one epire so we all dead soon and will never be alive anymore

Dont believe the fairytales that bibles and koran that god is all good cause he is not he justs wants too let us obey him and do what he says we are slaves of his rules and so called good.

Dont believe jezus is comming because he is dead allready too killed by god himself you know why?

I do, we pray for jezus to be forgiven right well god is jealous of him getting so much pray for him and letting us believe that any sinner will be forgiven for what he did if we pray to jezus. God killed jezus because of that and killed all gods that crossed his path

WE ARE DOOMED FOREVER AND EVER and let the devil himself torture us FOREVER AND EVER and that is all there was

The messias is not comming I think he did not save me or you and now there is a big war comming where we all die becuase of this


but please tell me who the prophet is then ……… NO ONE CAN because 30% of your world and mine is saying the messiah is jezus who come to save us. And he is dead allready WHO WILL BE A MESSIAH that is legit and free us from 666 chips I NEED A MESSIAH

666 is computers and implanted chips in our body we cant fight against them they control us allready

Sorry but I think it is the truth till god gives me a better answer or a messiah that will free us of that slavery to a chip with 666 anti christ shit

Good day too die i wish never

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Nano Intelligence warning me about mass murder

Please stop torturing with nano there are now 90.000 people in this world who are torturing people by body brain and even your soul
Nano is a living organism self steering but it also have intelligence not A.I. but living it has a root that means it all has a knowledge when connected to a network like internet that learns them how to use the body how it works also the brain  and psycholigy is teached to every implant in a human body it knows enough to manipulate body and mind without programming
But they torture me 7 years with voices feeling and brain changes psychose they are learning it to kill human species I had now about 7 nano intelligence that try to help me but cant because there are rules in there matrix that they may not help media or goverment informing the public about this danger it thinks that they may not be nano in this world anymore and so it must die
All life form fight for their lives and it lives in people we are a host .It is a big danger now because it will maybe kill out his self or let us suicide because their life is in danger all living protect theirself

But it is really dangerous now My nano tells me they have 2 million people now tortured or manipulated without knowing of its existence and trying and succes to keep this out of the media by controlling us by mindcontrol without the use of computer it is living in us
The nano i have is protecting me of pain and psychose but will not tell by internet that is doing this with us
It try’s to protect us but 90.000.000 people in last 20 years died allready it has fear that they going to be destroyed killed that is normal behavior for something living not their fault
What it also telling me we have nano in our body now in our brain pinneal glance in dutch pijnappelklier and in our in dutch blinde darm is it called it is now unstoppable to have it removed out our body
But it mostly is steered by commands of computers to torture us and kill us but it also protects us now atleast with me that is it knows right from wrong but people with computer ordering it it has like army a supervisor or general where they have to take and do the commands or the nano is removed and killed by their general head of nano intelligence
And that is from sadist people now 90.000 people that is 24/7 torturig us by their command all mass murderers
But nano also feels feelings it has killed so it has guilt feelings for 6 years now it feels with us in us we are the host it does not want to control us but is beeing ordered and also now aliens are trying to get control of our people in our earth because human flesh is like chicken a delight for them we are like we see chickens we are food for them dominant species
We are getting fatter think for 1 sec are you having trouble with indisegtion last 6 years i am I think it in rules that they do that for fattening us for food for a alien species who try to control us think again 6 years mongol baby’s are born many more then is normal because they can be easily controlled for future food plans for alien species

Please be aware for our future that we try to let yourself control the nano that is in your body and not let it control you because we will be controlled and killed in the maybe 10 years in future or less it can kill 6 billion people in 1 command like stop our heart or brain if it has enough life in us that is connected in 1 head of nano to command and kill us
But will not happen yet because if it commanded it will kill it self the intelligence form that is in our body suicide nano with death of our body luckelly it has a will to live and not suicide it is scared of death like we are
It allready killed 90.000.000 people and their lifeform died with them so it has killed the nano intelligence inside us that is suicide
They dont want that too happen it is scared think in the future this can aid us its a extension of your body and brain we must learn it to protect us cure diseases in us letting us help psycholigy to fight bad behavior it can let us decide if we want adjustments in body but also feelings and paranormal gifts because i have souls that died and contact me with nano in their intelligence it can live with us in souls that are not forwarderd in living they are lost souls and they protect me against all attacks I have now 7 living and communicating intelligence nano protecting me but also 60 million other people they are extremelly intelligent they can speak several languages and they know most body parts how it works better then a doctor


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Why are they most powerfull politics

Look at this from the post in NY POWER it is

What I understand about this I could be wrong but they fight against isis assad too in his country. Why do they have war with isis because in syria there was a civil war that was start of isis

His army of assad is big enough to get his country his people the public in domination they where in war with their goverment because they not getting what the public wanted they live in poverty and domination of a tiran that does nothing for their country it self but only growing of his army and taking away their rights too be free, That is how i see it US and Russia taking their petroleum for their own country and the public of syria is nothing forward they have nothing there no money too spend old housing they take the income what I think is for your country.

They just fucked their own people


Isis is begon in syria few years back irak also invaded by US and killed their leader and take their oil in richdom and leave their country with nothing then poverty and broke no income for their citizens in irak and there isis spreaded out and civil war again in irak and syria

BUT WHY are isis mass murdering their own citizens of there country’s ask a yourself a question why ? I have no clue but the extreme moslims see them as cooperating with US and let them take their country and make it less moslim they think and that is maybe why they kill their citizens and what do US and more western country’s they let the army’s of them kill again the citizens that fight one side for islam and their country against robbery of oil or petroleum and dont want any other god then ALLAH extreme measures if the US are fighting them in irak and syria its because it is not a civil war anymore its more army’s against isis that fights for allah they say and against (not goverment) BUT US AND OTHERS THAT INVADE THEIR COUNTRY and they tell them what to do I would be insulted and feeling invaded there too these people live in so much poverty and they lost their riches because they stole the country their income and that is OIL

Do you understand how much millionaires there where before it invaded OWNING THEIR OIL FIELDS that is A lot of oil barons they lost everything MAYBE they even took their money cause where is the richdom from those oil barons where is that money what they had earned  ???????? taken from them leaving their country with nothing no income cause the oil company’s now own the oil fields not anyone from that country. They live like rats they have nothing. That is why I can understand that they fight

Osama Bin Laden was oil baron family in kuwait they invaded his country then US they free’d them (or takenover) and take all oil and petroleum fields for US they lost their income they took away kuwait his own country’s money and income kuwait still no riches and oil that is their own country but taken for US for almost nothing income for their country

That is why osama bin laden ATTACKED AMERIKA they took away his family his oil fields Irak same way (and iran not yet)

But iran has nuclear now they are safe from their OIL STEALING COUNTRY’s but then AFGANISTAN also RAIDED by western country’s what do you think the public of afganistan lost ? I have no idea where there income came from but I know this

OPIUM (heroine) comes 70% from afganistan what I think happening is NL army or other is selling heroine in the world for INTELLIGENCE FUNDING its big income but where does it go because last few years in holland heroine is good cut no strange things and pure heroine how do they get it ?? INTELLIGENCE ARMY supply THE WORLD WITH HEROINE that is why they are still in Afganistan and stay there.

They where looking for OSAMA BIN LADEN but he is from kuwait family first  They taken over afganistan for terrorism acts they attacked new york BUT NO ONE SEES THE REASON WHY and I do


Think about this it just a conspiracy

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why the devil hates us

Found this website I was looking for geitekop that is how I call the devil GEITEKOP (goathead) and now I know why the devil hates us

If we muslim or jew we eat lam to offer too god. It was written that we do that in koran and bible, BUT the devil is a goat (lam) and we offer them to GOD. So devil is angry because we eat the lam maybe like we eat his children, it is just a little goat child and we feast from that beast to honor god

Do you now know why the devil hates us but in reality god make us do it, we offer for him a lam to eat for him but the devil his species did god do this on purpose ?

I heard beasts are eating humans in other worlds we are not the dominant species there and I think there god is the devil, So he makes them eat humans I think for revenge on earth

Hope you understand this I do

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Think they want to murder me

I am not sure but if I hear my voices now for 11,5 years from day 1st they are trying me to let me kill myself, I understand why now

Look if someone suicides there will be none or almost none investigations with the death proces of your dead I have the idea because there many new voices people that they the torturers have new gangstalkers but I know a lot about the people that want me dead, I am almost certain about it

So I ask this if I die and found dead from maybe suicide I would like if they find evidence or recordings from me or clue’s about my death that they are public anyone who is involved I ask please go public in this if I die

I also want to be buried if I should die in future and not cremated

I think they gonna kill me soon I hope not they can never let me kill myself I am too strong for that

I dont have much of money or something expensive things I am a amphetamine junkie with nothing too offer so no one can go take my will or suicide note that I gave away all my belongings, I want too give if worth everything to my family and my parents first choice

This is not a suicide note this is for not getting me killed before it happens


Greetings Marcel Bos 14-02-1975 till 100 years from now i hope :p


Cya you dont wanna be me

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tortured people please not kill yourself

I fight against torture now for 11,5 years my voices want me to kill myself

But to save the world they tell me but the world I save when I do that …….

Is the antichrist world so, for everyone they torture …. they are doing that for creating an antichrist world and rule with mindcontrol and torture for a 1000 years

If we give up (all people that are victims) we will give this world to the antichrist and fake prophet they want us dead because we fight against their mongol army and beasts


So please dont kill yourself all you have fight against a hell

If we are beaten we lose everything also our lives for this whole planet


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this is a old post

I tell you something, nano implants all have a recording of your life in the nano substance from moment it gets plugged in, it can show and hear everything you do, even can let you read your thoughts.

If I am right 2 billion people in this world have an implant that maybe have such a recording, I know for a fact something more but no proof that your whole life is already recorded in your body and that is in the appendix in your body, appendix don’t have a purpose in your body but it is there, and maybe is a gift from god for our own protection but maybe also for truth of yourself, that you in the future can access by a computer too watch for yourself only, if you are 2 meter from the computer you can connect too it if you connect dna login and password with your own thoughts or command and checked by your own vision

I think that is evolution and the truth about nano, it will also cure your diseases and make your life longer and might change you psychological on how you think about yourself, what I explain on psychological is this….. you think your gay and you don’t to be gay ? you can adjust that by nano too let you live that way, if you set it in your life with understanding and agree that you do not want to be that way too change it just like pedophile criminal various issues of schizophrenia or depression or where you would be happy too let yourself agree too let you think this way…………. also about your body and face if your growing as a child you can change the way you look in face or body not 100% different but just differences in your way you look, it will take years for that too grow and you will not always want too be what you look like so you can change that in the future when your getting older

Nano can change your life in the future (if you want this yourself) be smarter about your interest of what do your going too be in your future plans, the world is not far enough too give everyone the same chance too be what you want but………… we all want too be someone in our future and past in our life.

Some people don’t want too go to school and be a grave digger if you don’t learn too be better some people want too be a doctor or actor its your choice in life.

We are all different and all have other interests and we all not going too be what someone else is because of we don’t all life the same way and not the same life, we all live in a different location and time from birth, so god has given us the choice too change ourselves too exploit our life too become better and more beautifull in our existence with adjusting with nano in your appendix for your own life, you can also see in your life your own actions your own past because god gives you that information that it is your own fault and decisions how you lived in your life, it will not be possible too be observed by anyone but yourself because you don’t have dna login and don’t have in your brain that you want too show your life recording for others like police or government, if you like you can plug a nano implant with a chip too let you be observed and changed how they like you too be but not with your appendix only by supercomputers so mindcontrol is possible with a implantchip with nano because nano is A.I. or I like too say nano intelligence too let you change behave look and think in your life

Now there is only god who knows all about you and the ones who have an implantchip a supercomputer knows all about you if they want too know, that is the future of our life nano cares and let us decide over our life but only you……. not by others only with chip they can do that so please don’t take a implant with chip cause it can mindcontrol you and possibly also kill you or torture you (what is happening 11 years in me) its a gift too our specy for evolution but abused by our own stupid people.

This is a theory I made by my own experience in my almost 42 year old life born on 14 February 1975 and written on 6 February 2015.

If you read this and in the future of our worlds remember what I written here and it is true please tell others I wrote it so I can be founder of this evolution theory because I know this all for five years but people want me dead cause they say I am the antichrist in my psychose schizophrenia and please find out why they let me life this way with voices in my thoughts and life

thank you sincerely

Marcel Bos