Virtual reality or as I say virtual insanity

Ok was in a psychose very heavy with strangest feelings and fantasie like off the planet

Then i started thinking if they can put your soul in a computer or maybe in nano or both then they can use the soul from your living body

And create virtual insanity that will get you psychotic and live things that are not real also create feelings and surrounding when eyes closed I feel souls around me and a whole different perspective then my surroundings

I close my eyes then there are rooms around me that are not there maybe is like instinct or 6th sense that they trigger and the soul there are also captured maybe with living body like i was then i said exit virtual reality

And then said exit virtual insanity and now its only thing left are the voices. I think i was in it i was thinking about how long been there my 6th sense said 3 years I hope i am out of it now

Maybe there more in it then we think so please talk to schizofrenics. And let them say

/Exit virtual reality

/exit virtual insanity

Hope it works for more people

May god have mercy on our souls