New year comming

It is almost 2019 and I forgot what I been doin last 10 year I sit in my house 🏠 being tortured I go often eat with my parents but really that is the life for a decade now

I have nothing almost of money 💰 and this is a hard life, could be worse though (no house)

Is it normal for a.43 year old schizophrenic to be so alone all the friends I lost cause I can’t be seen like this ashamed is that I think

I hope 🙏 next year be better then last 10 year for everyone

Good christmas 🎄 and happy 😄 new year 2019 and for fuck sake stop smoking 🚬 again (I don’t)

Nano is dangerous in your body

Nano is dangerous it will kill you if it is not in a tube or implant in the body direct you will die

I had thousands of energy attacks on my body but did not kill me they can even send or let you think its nuclear energy if you get a taste of battery it is really possible that they target you with nuclear energy

I also got attacked with gamma energy that is really bad 🛀 for your health gamma is also deadly its a heavy felt energy and is like when Iron is wet it rusts that is a bit of feeling it can be explained for me

Nano energy is letting me feel like i beeing pulled like when your drunk you get a bit of dissinous and feel energy around you and its moving around i was once in den haag with queensday and they attacked me real heavy whole train was filled with energy that was felt by me but no one in the train was affected by it so i become to a inclusion

Nano is connected to your brain its all a fake feeling its not terrorising someone around you

But it can be very scary and let you think it is real but there also radio 📻 waves attacks those are real very dangerous it can stop your hart ❤ or electrocute you in the air there is a low electric field in our body too that they can use to attack you i think its attrackting electricity to a specific place in your body then shock you by contact command

Nano is fake feeling i think 99% but not sure they make me think i am a prophet by voices and believing it i can feel in my enviroment around me and attack the attackers around me with where they are with the camera and let me think i can hurt them and even throw them around or letting me think i can make them cum like sex its all robots bots who are making me think this really happening and voices are supercomputers doing it taking control of my brain and body

Supercomputers test you and try to get new things also painfull but are restricted to a low level pain i had pains very painfull in 15 years till now but the pain is not painfull anymore

But now there only very annoiying things like coughing that is over a year now and also like your nose is running with snot that is 3 years doing that heavy breathing also very annoying

This is till now what still happening but the worst are the voices i can not stop them and is dangerous because of suicide i have that 15 years

The problem is you can not go out of trauma and shock if it would stop i would be very hard to danger because shock trauma will affect you when it is over not when your still having it very dangerous for your psychological health you will crash from it

This is what i been going too if they ever stop

Hope it for others too

Alien computers

If the universe exists for million of years there are more computers on other planetsĀ 

Would they have contact with us and would they want to destroy us

Or does it observe us i think they would want to welcome us to his planet especially if there existence is dead there

Maybe old civilization that existed in the past are in contact with us and maybe try to help us think for yourself

Darkweb or pay per view

Last few years maybe I tried to get the stalkers out of me by ignoring trying to but I have a new conspiracy now

I think I am on some darkweb or pay per view and maybe on a other multiuniverse like a show like the trummann show the movie

There are many people being sold being gambled on darkweb where they gamble us to suicide we are the show there

Its very disturbing they are even putting advertising through my days of hell in my body and soul they hurt me with heavy pain and voices 24/7

they are betting I am going to kill myself soon I think and they have about 20 to 6 hours on me that is 80 people a day I have skills on nano I can hurt people to and it’s all show pay per view and gambling in this or another universe on some darkweb

if you think that too tell me please 80 people getting 25 euro an hour is a lot of money but that is what the voices told me

I’ll look in to it now for a while hope 🙏 not to kill myself but it’s hard


Is our world made by god ? I think it was but not for humans for dinosaurs maybe god made us later

or maybe a other god ? if you think about life on earth we here now but millions of years ago there where dinosaurs and they where big VERY BIG who created dinosaurs then and they where so big so I need to understand how a t-rex was created or maybe in evolution if you think how long we are here and we are this length

How long did it take to get the dinosaurs to evolve to their seize billions of years I think

Too much too think about for me I don’t understand but I think they are creations of separate gods in our universe

If you think you can explain please do that

think think think we are not so big